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Scottsdale AZ
20401 North 73rd Street, Suite 145
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Phone: 480-256-2169

CurPoint Orthopedic – Renton, WA
1201 Monster Road, Suite 250
Renton, WA 98057
Phone: (206) 735-7322

321 High School Rd NE, Suite D3, #748
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

    What We Believe

    The CurPoint Brand Story

    What we believe

    CurPoint is establishing itself as a leading provider of innovative technologies in the rapidly emerging field of orthopedic regenerative medicine. Our brand identity provides a powerful way of conveying who we are, what we do, and what we stand for. A patient recently said to us, “I really like your name, it speaks to a desired result; the reason I came to you. But what does the green ring over the ‘i’ mean?”

    This question provided the perfect opportunity to share the CurPoint story. We told the patient that the green circle symbolizes a stem cell, the very root of biologic therapies and nature’s ever-renewable resource for repairing and restoring damaged tissue. And within this “stem cell” symbol are the many reasons why CurPoint came to be: our vision, our values and our promise to each and every patient.

    All that the “green ring over the ‘i’” means to us—what we believe—we’d like to share with you below.

    Your best choice

    Since the stem cell therapy marketplace is still in its infancy, there has been a “gold rush” mentality amongst the diverse array of medical providers vying for a stake in the stem cell space. Although there are some highly reputable stem cell treatment facilities, there are far more charlatans and interlopers looking to make a quick profit before the FDA establishes a sense of order.

    Most of these vendors lack the knowledge or experience to effectively perform a series of complex and delicate procedures. Most of them are non-surgeons with varying degrees of skill: sports medicine providers, pain treatment centers and wellness clinics, among other entities. Some of these providers are legitimate and ethical, while others are not.

    In sharp contrast to these businesses, CurPoint Orthopedic are surgeons, fluent in the intricate anatomy and physiology of the human body. Because of our hands-on experience with fracture care, joint replacement surgery, rotator cuff surgery, spinal surgery, and other musculoskeletal maladies, we have literally been inside of the joints and body parts our patients are now asking us to treat with stem cells.

    Cell-based medicine. Orthopedic surgeons. And consummate care. The CurPoint difference.

    Our Vision

    The promising field of cell-based medicine holds great potential for early-intervention treatments to cure or mitigate the effects of degenerative diseases and traumatic injury. By using your own stem cells, CurPoint’s approach empowers your body to heal itself—through orthopedic non-operative treatment that repairs, restores or replaces damaged cells to alleviate your discomfort. There is never introduction of foreign materials into your body from outside cell banks or from elsewhere. There is nothing for your body to possibly reject; these are your cells. Our vision is truly all about you.

    Our Value

    Our promise of value— the Art of Renewal — has enormous potential to make us the preferred choice among our competitors. But they’ll remain merely words unless we convert this promise into action and infuse it in everything we do, every day.

    Inherent in “Art” is our unflagging adherence to the highest standards of medical ethics. We base our assessment and recommendations exclusively on evidence-based authority. Manifest in the word “Renewal” is our commitment to enhancing your quality of life through the healing power of your own stem cells. Beyond this, “Renewal” speaks to our constantly improving our skills, training and technological support in staying current with continuing advances in cell-based orthopedic therapies.

    What bonds these mere four words is your welfare. It is our utmost concern. And under CurPoint Orthopedic care your safety always comes first.

    Our Promise

    Regenerative, cell-based medicine holds great potential for early-intervention treatments to cure or mitigate the effects of degenerative diseases and traumatic injury. As orthopedic surgeons we believe our vast experience in the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, diseases, and conditions give us an advantage over the competition.

    Your well-being is always our primary concern. We will serve you with compassion and respect. Together, we will advance the promising field of regenerative medicine using non-operative cell-based therapy to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance the quality of your life through the healing power of your own stem cells.