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Top Orthopedic Knee Surgeons in Seattle

Dr. Patrick Bays is a leading knee surgeon specialist in Seattle providing orthopedic surgery procedures, as well as non-invasive treatments, such as Stem Cell Therapy & PRP Therapy. To schedule an appointment, please call (206) 309-8106 or visit us at 140 4th Ave., N, Suite 170 Seattle, WA 98109.

Top Orthopedic Knee Surgeons in Seattle

When you need comprehensive care for knee conditions, you deserve the highest quality of care available in your area. For patients in Seattle, Dr. Patrick Bays and his compassionate team provide important therapeutic solutions and surgical intervention for patients with knee pain.

Who is an orthopedic knee surgeon?

An orthopedic knee surgeon is a doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and surgical repair of conditions and dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system. They provide important treatment for injuries to the bones and soft tissue of joints and other parts of the body. An orthopedic knee surgeon can provide care for patients with arthritis conditions or tendon and ligament injuries. Dr. Patrick Brays specializes in orthopedic care for patients in Seattle with chronic knee pain or degenerative conditions.

What types of knee surgeries are performed by an orthopedic surgeon?

There are many different conditions that may be improved with surgical intervention in the knee. An experienced knee surgeon will be able to perform partial and full knee replacements, ACL reconstruction, repair for a torn meniscus, patella and quadricep tendon repair, as well as minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures. At CurPoint Orthopedic, Dr. Patrick Bays provides comprehensive surgical intervention and support that can drastically improve the quality of life in his patients.

What is knee replacement surgery?

Knee replacement surgery is a procedure by which an experienced orthopedic specialist replaces damaged portions of the knee joint.  Plastic or metal components may be used to cap the ends of the bones within the knee. By replacing the surface of the damaged bones in the knee joint, your surgeon can relieve chronic pain and improve your ability to enjoy your daily life.

How much does knee replacement surgery cost?

The exact cost for knee replacement surgery will vary widely depending on many different factors, which is why it is so important to speak with an experienced orthopedic surgeon to discuss the specifics of your condition and surgical needs. The total cost of a knee replacement surgery can come to approximately $50,000 or more. A partial knee replacement can cost 10-20% less than a total replacement procedure. Most patients with insurance will be able to use their plan to cover much of the total cost, but you should check with your surgeon as well as your healthcare provider to discuss the exact out-of-pocket cost you can expect for your procedure.

How do I know if knee replacement surgery help me?

When you are seeking relief from chronic knee pain, there are many treatment options your orthopedic specialist may recommend. Knee replacement surgery is generally only considered for patients with extreme pain and inflammation in the knee that has not responded well to other methods of treatment. It is generally only considered for patients who have not responded well to joint injections, oral medications, or physical therapy. It can also help significantly when arthritis has caused the leg to bow at the knee.

Are there any non-invasive alternatives to knee replacement surgery?

As medical advancements are made in regenerative techniques, an increasing number of patients are turning to non-invasive or minimally invasive alternatives to avoid knee replacement surgery and the potential complications or side effects. At CurPoint Orthopedic, we proudly offer stem cell therapy, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, and growth hormone treatments that can help your body repair soft tissue from within by stimulating your body’s natural reparative abilities.

If you are suffering from knee pain or osteoarthritis and would like to speak with an experienced orthopedic knee surgeon about your treatment options, contact CurPoint Orthopedic today to schedule a consultation with a dedicated specialist who can help you understand the extent of your condition and your options for reducing pain and improving mobility.