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Sports Physical in Seattle, WA

At CurPoint, our orthopedic doctors offer a variety of services including Sports Medicine, Sports Physical, Occupational Medicine, General Orthopedics & much more. Please Call Us at (206) 309-8106 or visit us at 140 4th Ave N Suite 170 Seattle, WA 98109.

Sports Physical Near Me Seattle, WA

Are you in need of receiving a medical physical to be qualified to participate in a sport or physical activity? Or maybe you are interested in joining that community softball league. Medical physicals are rather easy to administer. However, getting an appointment for a sports physical can be time-consuming, impractical for your schedule, and frustrating to get in to see your primary care physician in a reasonable amount of time. Here at CurPoint Orthopedic in Seattle, WA, we give you a secondary option for your sports physical needs. Our orthopedic doctors have years of experience to administer your sports physical. You can trust in their years of practice to make sure you and your child are physically fit to participate.

Why should I get a sports physical?

Did you know, that there are more than 8 million high school students who participate in high school football per year in the United States? That is just football. Can you imagine the number of individuals who participate in various other activities like; soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, martial arts, dance, and ballet? The amount is almost unimaginable. There are many reasons why youth participate in these activities. One of those reasons is to master a skill and to feel like a winner. To master your skill and be a winner, you must do it safely and healthy. We surely do not want to see you, or your child hurt or injured due to an injury that could have been prevented.

Injuries don’t just happen in the big game. Studies show injuries occur more during routine practices than they do during a game. Getting a sports physical while you continue to play your sport can be helpful to check for any possible underlining injuries as well. Don’t put off that sharp pain that you think you can just “walk off.” When these pains and aches happen, it is our body letting us know, something is wrong. Coming in for a sports physical can start you on a path of healing, whatever injury has occurred, and back on the road to victory.

I know that I am healthy, can I skip a sports physical?

Many, if not all schools and community athletic departments require you to receive a sports physical before your participation. This is crucial to ensure your safety as well as those who you share a team with or compete against.

Our orthopedic doctors are highly qualified and look for any underlining areas of concern where an individual may be prone to injury. Our physicians can also offer quality intervention options to prevent and avoid any possible future problems to those areas that may be prone to injury so that you continue to stay in the best physical shape possible.

What can I expect to have looked at during my sports physical?

In your visit with our exam team, our physicians will check your vitals, joints, and flexibility. We look for possible limitations that may inhibit you from safely playing whichever sport it is that you are interested in. Our orthopedic doctors will also check your hearing and vision as well as a brief physical fitness test. The physical fitness test requires a doctor to examine the patient’s throat, lungs, heart, nose, and abdomen.

The vitals check portion of the sports physical is to observe various internal measurements that indicate any possible health concerns. These vital signs will also be recorded, so in the following visits you have, you and your doctor can easily see if there have been any notable changes. Those vitals include; weight, height, blood pressure, and pulse.

After the examination of all physical aspects of the patient, the evaluation is complete. Your doctor will also review your medical history. They will observe and note if there have been previous injuries, illnesses, surgeries, or conditions that may be useful in determining your availability to perform the expectations for the sport you are interested in participating in.

Are you still looking for a “sports physical near me”? Look no further than CurPoint Orthopedic in Seattle, WA. If you have any further questions about our services or want to set up an appointment, please give us a call at (206) 309-8106 or visit us at 140 4th Ave N Suite 170 Seattle, WA 98109.

We look forward to meeting you.

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