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Pain Management Doctor in Seattle, WA

Are you looking for doctors experienced in pain management? Our dedicated doctors at CurPoint Orthopedic in Seattle, WA can help. Visit us at 140 4th Ave. N, Suite 170, Seattle WA 98109 or call us at (206) 309-8106.

Pain Management Doctor Near Me Seattle, WA

Are you tired of suffering through your day in pain? Do you find yourself continually compromising on doing things that you once enjoyed because it just hurts too much? Are you ready for pain relief? At CurPoint Orthopedic in Seattle,WA our dedicated, extensively trained, and knowledgeable medical staff can help. Through new and innovative technology, we want to partner with you to alleviate your pain. Using your own stem cells, our doctors goal is to assist your body in healing itself naturally, and provide you with the pain relief you need. What types of pain may CurPoint Orthopedic help with? How can cell-based medicine help? Why choose CurPoint Orthopedic?

What types of pain may CurPoint Orthopedic help with?

At CurPoint Orthopedic, our doctors specialize in pain management related to degenerative disease and to traumatic injury. They are leading experts in dealing with pain related to orthopedic conditions. Are you suffering from pain related to osteoarthritis, chronic musculoskeletal pain, or tendinitis? Perhaps it is pain from a recent injury, or past injury? Do you have a torn rotator cuff, meniscus tear, or a tear in a ligament? If so, the innovative and quickly advancing technology of cell based medicine can help.

How can cell-based medicine help?

Our bodies naturally have stem cells that are able to develop into a number of different cell types in the body. These cells have unique regenerative abilities. By means of your own stem cells our doctors at CurPoint Orthopedic are able to treat diseases and injuries using the most state of the art equipment. The doctors are up-to-date with the latest medical techniques in helping you get the relief you need from a variety of orthopedic conditions. Our medical team believes in the healing power of your body. That is why they do not introduce foreign materials into your body. Instead, they simply harvest the natural ability your body has to heal itself. They want you to receive the best non-operative treatment to relieve your discomfort, and get you back to what you enjoy as soon as possible.

Why choose CurPoint Orthopedic?

We are committed to you! Our doctors and medical staff have a passion for helping people to receive relief from their pain and discomfort, using the most advanced technology in orthopedic regenerative medicine. At CurPoint Orthopedic you are not just another patient dealing with pain, an injury, or a disease. We recognize you as the whole person! A unique individual looking for help with your pain. We believe we can help, and more importantly we want to help. Our medical team is committed to helping get to the root of the pain. During your initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to share your feelings and concerns with our compassionate medical team.

Your doctor will listen and answer any questions you may have. We recognize that orthopedic regenerative medicine is a new and rapidly growing field. That is why our team wants you to feel confident, and comfortable, moving forward with the treatment plan that is right for you.

Stop suffering through the pain. Please check out the about us section of our web page where you will find a team of people extensively trained in orthopedic medicine and regenerative treatment. Each member of our medical team believes in our vision, our values, and our promise to each patient. Let our team help you! Visit us at 140 4th Ave. N, Suite 170, Seattle, WA 98109 or call us at (206) 309-8206.

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