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Orthopedic Surgeon Near South Lake Union, Seattle, WA

Are you looking for an expert orthopedic surgeon near South Lake Union, Seattle, WA? Look no further than Dr. Patrick Bays at CurPoint Orthopedic. Dr. Bays & his team of orthopedic specialists offer a wide range of services, including Orthopedic Surgery, Pain Management, Sports Medicine, Stem Cell Therapy, and many more. Please call at (206) 309-8106 to schedule a consultation.

Orthopedic Surgeon Near South Lake Union, Seattle, WA

When you require an orthopedic surgeon to repair damage to your joints or other parts of your body, you want to make sure you find one near you that is experienced and compassionate, with the ability to provide you not only with the insight and information you require to make informed choices regarding your procedure, but also the effective care you need and the understanding you deserve. At CurPoint Orthopedic in Seattle, we put our patients’ needs first. We know that orthopedic surgery can seem daunting, and you deserve a qualified team that will work with you as a partner in your own care, so you feel confident in your procedure and recovery.

What types of surgery can an orthopedic specialist perform?

Some of the most common procedures performed by an orthopedic surgeon include joint replacements and revision joint surgery. These procedures replace damaged bone and tissue in the knees or hips with manmade components and can drastically improve mobility for 20 years or more in many patients. Orthopedic surgeons also perform debridement procedures to remove necrotized tissue, spinal fusion and bone fusion to address fractures or alignment dysfunction, as well as osteotomy to correct bone deformities in children, so they can develop normally. The most common areas that orthopedic surgeons focus on include the wrists for carpal tunnel syndrome or fractures, ankles, hips, spine, shoulders, and knees.

What is arthroscopic surgery?

Arthroscopic procedures have become more popular as the technology used to perform them has continued to improve. Arthroscopy allows for less invasive incisions during orthopedic surgery procedures. Arthroscopic surgery will require your surgeon to use a thin, flexible tool and high definition cameras to perform your surgery through smaller incisions than traditional open surgery will typically require. While arthroscopic procedures can reduce recovery time and visible scarring, it is important to remember that surgery implemented with arthroscopy is still not without risk, and you will want to be diligent about ensuring you find a qualified surgeon with the appropriate certifications in order to ensure a safe and effective procedure.

Do you offer non-invasive options?

At CurPoint Orthopedic in Seattle, WA, while our orthopedic specialists provide exceptional surgical intervention when necessary, we believe in taking a patient-first approach to treatment. We understand that surgical intervention is always invasive and can cause trepidation in patients. Our goal is to provide you with a treatment plan that allows you to feel safe, listened to, and comfortable in your care. Our regenerative medicine techniques harness the power of the human body with cutting-edge technology and can help some patients avoid surgical intervention. When you schedule your orthopedic consultation at CurPoint Orthopedic, we will be upfront and honest with you about your options and the potential outcomes you can expect from each of them. Whether you choose a regenerative treatment plan or you and your doctor decide that surgery is the best option, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure you receive the highest quality care delivered by compassionate orthopedic specialists who understand your needs.

If you live in South Lake Union area and are looking for an orthopedic surgeon nearby, contact CurPoint Orthopedic today to schedule a consultation. We are conveniently located just minutes away on 4th Avenue and can provide all of the diagnostic and treatment services you need to address orthopedic injuries, chronic pain, and reduced mobility.