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Knee Specialist in Seattle

Are you looking for a knee specialist in Seattle? Look no further than Dr. Patrick Bays. Dr. Bays specializes in treating patients who suffer from a wide range of knee problems, such as Knee Pain, Arthritis of the Knee, Knee Collateral Ligament Tear, and Knee Cruciate Ligament Tear. To book an appointment, please call (206) 309-8106. We are located at 140 4th Ave., N, Suite 170 Seattle, WA 98109.

Knee Specialist Seattle

When your knees suffer from arthritis or other chronic pain conditions, it can make it difficult to get to work, run necessary errands, or enjoy social activities. At CurPoint Orthopedic in Seattle, we provide comprehensive care for patients with knee conditions and injuries, so they can receive the important orthopedic care they need to restore proper function in their knees.

Who is a knee specialist?

While your primary care physician may be able to provide you with an initial diagnosis for your knee pain, a knee specialist can offer a wider range of treatment options and more in-depth understanding of your condition. Orthopedic doctors have an exceptional understanding of how the knee works. They have specialized in the treatment of many joint conditions and can provide care for injuries or degenerative conditions that your PCP may not fully understand or have the resources to address.

What is the educational training of a knee specialist?

A knee specialist is a highly trained doctor who has undergone extensive education in the function of the musculoskeletal system. After completing their bachelor’s level education, an orthopedic doctor will need to complete another 4 years of education in medical school. For orthopedic surgeons, another 4-5 years will be spent in residency at a hospital. Orthopedic surgeons have a deep and comprehensive understanding of the knee joint and how to support its health because of the many years of education and training they have undergone.

What conditions does a knee specialist treat?

A knee specialist can provide diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of issues that patients with knee pain may be dealing with. Some of the most common conditions that an orthopedic knee specialist will provide care for include ligament injuries including ACL tears, dislocations and fractures, arthritis, meniscal tears, and many others. If you have chronic pain or inflammation in one or both of your knees, an orthopedic specialist can identify the cause and help you understand your options for effective treatment.

What types of knee surgery does Dr. Bays perform?

Dr. Patrick Bays performs many different types of knee surgery that can repair injured tendons and ligaments or provide relief from arthritis pain. At CurPoint Orthopedic, we strive to provide a wide range of surgical options for patients with knee pain. Dr. Bays offers arthroscopic surgery for ACL and meniscus tears, as well as partial and full knee replacements. No matter what the extent of your knee condition, Dr. Bays and his compassionate staff can provide the surgical care you need, as well as non-invasive therapeutic options for those hoping to avoid surgery.

What are the best treatments for knee pain?

At CurPoint Orthopedic, we understand that every patient’s body is unique and that a treatment plan should be developed around each person’s needs. The best treatment for your knee pain will depend on the cause of your discomfort and the severity of your condition. We believe in providing you with a personalized treatment plan that will be truly effective and help you improve your mobility while reducing your knee pain. We offer regenerative therapy that utilizes PRP, growth hormone, and stem cells to help your body repair itself, as well as minimally invasive surgical techniques and medication management, so you can achieve relief from pain with the best treatment for your exact situation.

If you are looking for a knee specialist in Seattle, WA, contact CurPoint Orthopedic today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Patrick Bays.