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Knee Pain Treatment in Seattle, WA

At CurPoint Orthopedic in Seattle, Dr. Patrick Bays & his team of orthopedic specialists provide comprehensive care for patients with knee conditions and injuries. To schedule a consultation, please call our clinic at (206) 309-8106. We are conveniently located at 140 4th Ave N, # 170 Seattle, WA 98109.

Knee Pain Treatment in Seattle, WA

When you experience chronic pain in one or both of your knees, it can have a devastating effect on your daily life. Knee pain can be debilitating and may cause you to miss out on important days at work or social activities with friends and family. At CurPoint Orthopedic in Seattle, WA, we are at the forefront of cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment solutions that can more accurately identify the causes of your knee pain and provide exceptional treatment options designed to effectively heal your body from within. By truly addressing the cause of your pain rather than simply masking your symptoms with prescription medication, we strive to improve our patients’ quality of life in the long-term.

What causes knee pain?

Approximately 95% of chronic knee pain is the result of osteoarthritis, which is the most commonly diagnosed type of arthritis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that results from age and repetitive stress. Simply walking, standing, and dancing throughout your life can lead to the development of osteoarthritis in later years. Other types of arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis are less often diagnosed in the knees. Specific injuries could also be the cause of your knee pain. The most commonly identified injuries that can cause pain in the knees include ligament injuries, meniscus tears, and damage sustained to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

What is regenerative medicine? How can it help to relieve my knee pain?

Regenerative medicine refers to the use of cutting-edge solutions designed to heal the body from within by repairing damaged tissue and creating functional tissue free from defects or injury. At CurPoint Orthopedic in Seattle, we recognize the incredible potential of regenerative medicine techniques to effectively improve knee pain symptoms by relying on the body’s natural reparative properties rather than pharmaceutical pain management. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), stem cell injections, growth factors, and viscosupplementation are all potential treatment options that may not have been available to patients with knee pain only a few years ago. Each of these procedures is minimally invasive and can be used to repair tissue damage, reduce pain, and improve mobility in the knee joints. When you entrust your care to CurPoint Orthopedic, you will receive personalized treatment and care from a certified orthopedic specialist who can identify the best treatments for your unique body and condition.

What if I require a knee replacement?

While we believe in taking a minimally invasive approach to your care whenever possible, we understand that some knee pain cases will eventually require surgical intervention. Our experienced orthopedic surgeons can walk you through the process of either a partial or full knee replacement, depending on your needs. Osteoarthritis that has gone untreated for a long time can eventually cause so much damage that regenerative techniques may not be enough to repair the knee. In this case, part or all of the damaged bone in the knee joint can be replaced with sturdy manmade materials to improve mobility and reduce pain. Knee replacement surgery has a very good prognosis for healthy patients and the joint replacement can last for up to 20 years or more for most people.

If you are experiencing pain in one or both of your knees, contact CurPoint Orthopedic in Seattle, WA to schedule a consultation with a compassionate and experienced orthopedic and regenerative medicine specialist who can help you understand your treatment options and design a protocol specifically to address your pain.

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