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Hip & Knee Surgery in Seattle, WA

At CurPoint Orthopedic, we have top orthopedic surgeons in Seattle who specialize in Hip Surgery, Knee Surgery, Hand Surgery, Foot & Ankle Surgery, as well as non-invasive treatments such as Stem Cell & PRP Therapy. Please do not hesitate to call us today at (206) 309-8106 to book your appointment.

Hip & Knee Surgery in Seattle, WA

If you are looking for one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Seattle, WA, come to CurPoint Orthopedic today for all of your hip and knee surgery needs. Our orthopedic surgeons are also available if you need surgery on your hand, foot, or ankle. Get evaluated by our board-certified orthopedic surgeons to see if surgery is right for you or if a noninvasive treatment like Stem Cell or PRP therapy might work better in your case.

What is hip surgery and why is it done?

Your hip is an important part of your body, connecting your leg to your torso. Damage in this area can cause chronic, debilitating pain, and significantly lower your quality of life and mobility. Surgery is sometimes needed to correct the issues and improve your health. During hip surgery at CurPoint Orthopedic, our surgeon will remove the damaged parts of your hip. They will then replace it with components made of metal, hardened plastic, and ceramic. This creates an artificial joint that will reduce pain and improve your mobility.

A total hip replacement may be needed if other treatments, and minor surgery is not effective in treating your medical issues. Damage from severe arthritis is usually the most common reason people undergo hip replacement.

What are the common causes of problems that require hip surgery?

There are a few common conditions that can damage the hip that necessitates surgery. Osteoarthritis is prevalent and often occurs over time as a natural result of wear and tear on the body, causing arthritis. The damage usually centers around the cartilage between the bones. Rheumatoid arthritis damages the hips when your overactive immune system causes inflammation and erodes the cartilage and sometimes attacks the bone. Finally, if there is low blood supply to the hip, osteoporosis can occur.

Hip surgery should be considered if you have chronic pain that can’t be managed with medication or if your mobility worsens even if you have a walker or cane. If hip pain interferes with your sleep and it makes it hard to get up from a seated position, surgery is an option. Finally, if weakness in your hips makes it dangerous for you to go up and down stairs, consider surgery at our clinic. We have top hip surgeons in Seattle that specialize in Hip Replacement surgery, as well as non-invasive procedures such as Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell Therapy.

What is knee surgery and why is it done?

A knee that has been severely compromised by disease or injury can limit your mobility and be a source of chronic pain. Knee surgery can help restore functionality and relieve your pain. Knee surgery will remove damaged bone and cartilage from your knee cap, shinbone, and thigh bone and replace them with an artificial joint, much like hip surgery.

Whether or not knee surgery is right for you is why you need to visit our orthopedic surgeons at CurPoint Orthopedic in Seattle. They will assess your knee by testing its range of motion, strength, and stability. Additional diagnostic imaging may be needed to pinpoint where the damage is located. There are a variety of joints and materials a doctor can use to repair your knee, and the choice will be determined from a variety of factors. These include your age, weight, knee shape and size, and overall activity level.

Osteoarthritis is the most common reason why knee surgery is performed. It helps relieve chronic pain and will improve a patient’s ability to use their knee for everyday use, like walking or climbing stairs.

Are there less invasive techniques to treat hip and knee problems?

Yes! If the damage to these joints is not severe, a PRP or Stem Cell Therapy may be the right treatment for you. Both procedures harvest healing factors from your body, concentrates them, and injects them into your joints to promote your own body to heal itself. With a PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, Therapy we draw your blood and pull the platelets from it. These platelets are then injected into your knee or hip to promote healing. With Stem Cell Therapy, we remove stem cells from your bone marrow and process it into an injection. There is some difference between the two regarding which one is better than the other, but that very much depends on the condition and injury affecting an individual’s knee or hip. This determination of whether this treatment is right for you will be decided by our orthopedic doctor with you after a one on one consultation with you.

CurPoint Orthopedic is located at 140 4th Ave. N, Suite 170 Seattle, WA 98109. We are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Do you have questions about hip or knee surgery, or would you like to make an appointment to see our orthopedic doctor? Call our friendly staff today at (206) 309-8106.

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