mi-eye2 Needle Arthroscopy


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The revolutionary alternative to a traditional MRI

The Seattle Orthopedic Surgeons at CurPoint are bringing the latest in “in-office” surgical technology to the Metro Seattle area. 

Mi-Eye 2 is FDA approved for use in diagnostic and operative arthroscopic procedures. This device utilizes a disposable optical needle and fully integrated camera that allows the physician to immediately diagnose the patient’s joint injuries “in-house.” This saves you the hassle of an unnecessary visit to a separate imaging facility. 

Not only is this useful for diagnosis, but because the needle also has a fully integrated lumen (a “portal” through which medication can be administered), the physician may also provide pain medication to the injured area using the same device. 

With CurPoint Orthopedic and the Mi-Eye 2, you’re “in and out” in one visit and the results and satisfaction are actually more accurate and efficient! 


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